Justin Danks

My name is Justin Danks, I am a Senior Product Designer and Interaction Lead at Expedia, inc. I have my Graduates Degree in Information System Technologies: Internet and Web Design from Wilmington University and a passion for learning.

At Expedia Inc., I have the pleasure of owning the design for multiple projects: from smaller region-based web apps, to brand-new global products for our Business Travel product, Egencia. As a Senior UX Designer, I lead design for several lines of business with local and remote teams. I deliver UX flows, wireframes, high fidelity mockups, prototypes in HTML/CSS, and even production-level prototyping of whole interfaces. I work collaboratively with the rest of the Product Design team to help create a unified product feel across all future web and mobile apps, which includes helping implement design process across our entire department.

I love CSS, more specifically SASS, and I am a firm advocate of having CSS control the presentational layer often as possible. This means CSS3 based animations, transformations, transitions & any other presentational interaction.

Feel free to get in touch, you you can see what I am working on via dribbble orbehance, what I am listening to on spotify, peruse my photos on instagram, or follow my progress on team treehouse. Not to mention, you can always email me at email me any time with questions.