Apple watch


2016–Apple watch

Expedia, Inc. – Egencia Business Travel
Product Design – WatchOS app

Role: Sr. Product Designer
Team: Seattle, WA




The native mobile team had some open bandwidth before the annual GTBA conference and decided to pitch the work of creating apps for wearable devices to the design team. I was able to allocate some time and decided to pull in another designer, Adam Stevens, to pair design with.

Once we started talking logistics and breaking down the work, Adam and I decided that it would be best to break apart wearables into the two device types and each of us would focus on just one, while working together to keep design & brand consistency across both. Adam took Android Wear and I grabbed Apple Watch. From here we digested the brief and helped to define the scope, since the project would have to be done quickly we decided to work in a sprint style to rapidly design, get feedback and iterate until we were ready to start building.

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