Norwegian medical travel


2016–Norwegian medical travel

Expedia, Inc. – Egencia Business Travel
Product Design – Desktop web app

Role: Sr. Product Designer, Front-end Specialist
Team: Oslo, Norway




Expedia, inc. won an exclusive contract produce a patient travel web app for the country of Norway. This app would be almost exclusively used by trained medical professionals in situations where the patient required flight travel to see a specialized physician. As these are medical professionals and this and this is a small subset of their job the primary focus was on efficiency, we wanted to design a solution that was clear to use and required as little clicks as possible.


The dashboard is where Norwegian medical professionals search for patients, update requisitions, create new requisitions and kick off a flight search. 

HINAS - Requisitions DashboardHINAS - Requisitions Dashboard

After a medical professional selects a patient, a search is fired and flight results are pulled up with both the inbound and outbound flights being shown side by side and the cheapest flight (within reason) is selected by default allowing for a one click selection of the flight.

HINAS - Flight resultsHINAS - Flight results
HINAS - Seatmap v2 - in appHINAS - Seatmap v2 - in app

The project was done so rapidly, handing off the designs to start building after just a week. We went back and worked on visual refinements, mainly focusing on the results tile to consolidate even further and the seat map.

HINAS - Result v2HINAS - Result v2
HINAS - results v2 - blueprintHINAS - results v2 - blueprint
HINAS - Seatmap v2HINAS - Seatmap v2
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