Justin Danks

A cross-functional leader focused on leveraging design to solve complex problems.

Currently — Sr. Design Lead & Interim Manager at Apple.


Design Lead, Trust Infra group

2017 – 2020

Machine Learning

Currently I am leading design on a cross team working group, revolutionizing how we think about and work with machine learning at Airbnb.


Strategic lead overseeing design of our Privacy team. Working across the organization with Executive sponsors to establish a robust, thoughtful, and clear privacy system.

Design system

Helping to establish then lead Airbnb's design system for internal tools (Lunar). Leading design strategy, getting leadership buy-in and investment, and creating then successfully implementing ways of working across multiple business units (ie. Our DLS council, contribution model, and project tracking).

Tools ecosystem

Reimagining proactive fraud tooling (owning over 30 tools) with a ground up ecosystem built on top of the aforementioned DLS for internal tools (Lunar). Leading design and strategy from inception, shifting our team from bespokely building tools to building a self-serve ecosystem around the vision of "Building tools that build tools".


Partnering with our brand team across multiple projects to develop, create a visual strategy, or host; events, series, and talks across design, research and engineering. In addition to creating posters, clothing, pins, stickers, and various other merchandise for the Seattle, Portland and San Francisco offices.